Demolition/New Building Proposed for Old City

A surprise tweet started a series of communications for me a couple of days ago. The tweet suggested that two buildings in the Old City might be torn down to be replaced with new construction. The address concerned is 120- 122 South Central. You may know it as the former location of Big Don the […]

Inside the JC Penney Building Restoration and Renovation

In what might be the highest profile re-development project in the history of the city, a team of developers joined to essentially re-build the JC Penney Building. Tim Hill of Hatcher-Hill Properties, who is working on the project in conjunction with ¬†Dewhirst Properties, agreed to give me a tour and show me the progress. The […]

Closure (For Now) on Parking and Development – Plus an Idea: Vertical Gardens

Let me start today’s post with some comments and clarifications after yesterday’s (mostly) good conversation. I tried in my article to give each of the different perspectives on what is a complicated economic issue. As Bill Lyons pointed out in his comment, finding the right balance and knowing when to take a leap of faith […]

Urban Land Institute: World’s Fair Park, McClung Site and the Coliseum Site

The study panel from the Urban Land Institute made themselves completely clear in maintaining that the green space, though perceived by some to be underutilized, should be preserved, with none of it developed. Further, they want Second Creek to be unearthed behind the Museum of Art, removing the rail tracks, the dumpsters and the service […]

Pryor Brown Garage in Jeopardy

It’s a building that most people probably drive past without much thought. Clearly having seen better days, store-fronts sit empty. Windows are busted out on the floors above. I’ve heard it called “ugly.” I first remember noticing it when walking around downtown in 2009, just after we moved into the center city. I believe a […]