Hey, Let’s Hang Out Together: Where You’ll Find Me

I’ll be involved in several events over the next few days, plus one at the end of next week, and I’d like to invite you to join me at each of them. For those of you who have followed this blog for very long, you’ll recognize themes with each of these which have run through […]

“Just Tennes-saying” Offers You a Chance to Explore Your Local Architecture

Over the last (nearly) six years this blog has offered each of us the chance to talk at some length about design, place and the built environment. These are topics of which I knew nothing when I started considering our downtown and all its intricate components. Hopefully you’ve learned along with me and will continue […]

Forrest Kirkpatrick and Fork Design Putting Their Stamp on Downtown Knoxville and Beyond

Several years ago when I would walk out Williams Street, which lies a block east of Gay Street and Ts into Depot, it felt like I was walking into the margins of downtown. Now, while not necessarily fully where it will be in a few more years, it has a different feel. At the corner […]

Closure (For Now) on Parking and Development – Plus an Idea: Vertical Gardens

Let me start today’s post with some comments and clarifications after yesterday’s (mostly) good conversation. I tried in my article to give each of the different perspectives on what is a complicated economic issue. As Bill Lyons pointed out in his comment, finding the right balance and knowing when to take a leap of faith […]