2015 Tour de Lights Spectacular

It was another great year for Tour de Lights, though it was a very cold night. Our strange recent weather produced probably two weeks of warm weather before and another warm spell to follow (including 70+ degrees on Christmas Day), but sitting right in the middle of our winter heat wave was one day of […]

Kickstand: Dishing out Bikes and Hope

I first mentioned Kickstand a couple of weeks ago when I encountered Paul Laudeman and Kickstart volunteers at the Parkridge block party. Paul has been with the program from its formal beginning and heads it up today. They were handing out helmets to children and helping them repair their bicycles. Fascinated with what they are […]

Can Knoxville be a Cycling City? Would that be a good thing?

I’ve personally experienced more of the perils of being a pedestrian. If you let me get started, I can begin to sound downright anti-automobile, though I’m not. My point is always that in car vs. pedestrian the pedestrian always loses, so the rules should favor the pedestrians. Unfortunately, not all drivers understand the rules. When […]