Elkmont Exchange Brewery and Eating House Announced

The Rentals Rentals Building at 745 North Broadway will become Elkmont Exchange Brewery and Eating House. A team including Brewmaster Alex Violette and Executive Chef Ryan Davenport hope to open their doors on the new business in late 2017. Life-long friends and native Knoxvillians, they love the region, natural beauty and culture of the area. […]

Pour Taproom Coming Soon to Old City

Jackson Terminal in the Old City, after what seemed an extended period, is rapidly filling. All Occasion Catering took one end. Post Modern Spirits¬†announced last December their plans to take up residence there. Now comes word that Pour Taproom is coming very soon. I spoke with Joel McLead who, along with his wife Mariah, and […]

Pretentious Beer Company Opens this Weekend

It’s been a long time coming. Almost two years ago, Matthew Cummings detailed his ambitious plans for his Pretentious empire: First, he’d build a studio for his glass production. Ten months later, he accomplished that goal when Matthew Cummings Studio opened in September of 2015. His second step would be to open a craft beer […]

Is Knoxville the “Boulder of the East?”

I’ve heard about Boulder, Colorado since sometime in the 1970s. In the 1960s it became a gathering point for some members of the counter-culture and I had friends who moved there a few years later. They were the first people who told me I would love it there. A pretty long list of people have […]

Crafty Bastard Begins Brewing, Announces Official Opening Date

  It’s almost funny to announce an opening of Crafty Bastard. Founders Aaron McClain, who handles the brewing, Jen Parker, who handles publicity and social media, have been ever-present at various beer events around the city for some time. Long-time home-brewers, many local beer lovers have enjoyed their various quirky concoctions for some time. The […]