Give a Piece of Knoxville Music History For Christmas: Arthur Q. Smith Honored

I’m sure more than a few of you are looking for that perfect, last minute Christmas gift. I’m also sure many of you love Knoxville as much as I do and like to support local writers and musicians, as well as honoring the history of our beloved city. Well, there’s a way you can do […]

Preservation Isn’t Just About Buildings and It’s Never Finished

  When thinking about preservation, we tend to think about historic buildings, or maybe a pristine and unique natural area. We also are tempted to consider some of these places as having been preserved. The implication of this thinking, that preservation is ever a completed or finished act, is an idea that needs to be […]

Did Our Treble Clef Explode?

Many of us remember the treble clef sculpture that used to reside in Country Music Park on what used to be the 200 block of Gay Street at Summit Hill. I’ve mentioned ┬áit before to a range of reactions. Some people loved it, others not so much. I liked it because it fit the purpose […]