A Long-term Downtown Business Closes

In 2004 downtown Knoxville was a very different place. It wasn’t all bleak and abandoned, but it was a far cry from what we experience every day in 2017. Many of the goods and services we take for granted now were in short supply. Coffee, for example, which can be had in numerous locations and […]

Honeybee Coffee Company Opens Just Across the River

Inside what is now a beautiful building at 700 Sevier Avenue is a warm and inviting atmosphere with two spacious rooms and that aromatic smell that says, “Come inside, relax and stay awhile.” Honeybee Coffee Company held a soft-opening yesterday to make sure all was ready and they’ll open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM, […]

Flow: A Brew Parlor Closes on Main Street

When it opened in December of 2014, I joined Brad Peer, owner, in having high hopes for the shop. Situated on Main Street, Flow: A Brew Parlor sits far from other retail and culinary options. I reasoned that to be an advantage – less competition. Further, I felt Brad had several natural sources of support. […]

Artistic Bean Coffee Shop Set to Open at 1322 N. Broadway

Jeremy Doss, founder of Artistic Bean (in Townsend), is a study in contrasts. Originally from Alabama, he moved to east Tennessee from New York City. An artist and dancer, he’s quickly becoming an important figure in regional coffee. His soft-spoken personality wouldn’t imply someone who’s been successful in multiple arenas. In New York City, while […]

K Brew Opens at Its New Location: 1138 North Broadway

It’s bigger, better and pretty much as cool as it could be. The brothers LaMacchia (Pierce and Michael) who I introduced to you here have made another move in their expanding business. Just over a month ago the duo opened their second location in the Federal Courthouse and now they’ve opened a much larger space at 1138 […]