It’s Home Tour Season: A Small Preview of the City People Downtown Home Tour

There are actually several home tours which have happened or are happening soon. As part of Architecture Week, a city-wide tour of mid-mod homes was held last Saturday. This weekend (on Sunday), the Fourth and Gill Tour of Homes¬†highlights Victorian and Craftsman homes in downtown’s neighbor just to the north. The first weekend in May […]

Knox Heritage Fantastic Fifteen (Plus Sundry Happy Parties)

  Sometimes the news just needs to be good. There are so many battles to fight. Fort Sanders seems to falling before our very eyes as Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center seeks to destroy three more historic homes. I’d intended to write about that, but Jack Neely covered it beautifully, as he always does. UT […]

Sapphire on Gay Street

I’ve probably mentioned Sapphire before, but I’ve never really focused on it that I recall. I know I’ve taken photographs there, though I may not have identified the place in the background. One of my first downtown meetings was to plan “Dancing in the Streets” with Knox Heritage and we met on a Sunday to […]

2012 City People Downtown Home Tour Finale: Gallery Lofts and The Cunningham

The final post on the wonderful 2012 City People Downtown Home Tour includes two very cool units. The first is located in Gallery Lofts and, while the entire unit is nice, it’s the deck that wins the accolades. 705 Place in the Cunningham wins this years award for the very coolest space on the tour. […]

2012 City People Downtown Home Tour: Cook Loft and Residences at Market Square

For the third installment of the 2012 City People Downtown Home Tour, I’ll take you through what I saw and learned at the Residences on Market Square and Cook Loft. We’ll start with Cook Loft which is the top floor at 722 S. Gay Street on the opposite corner from the Bijou.¬†The bottom floor of […]