A Stunning Ocean Adventure Hits Close to Downtown Knoxville

  It’s an odd headline, isn’t it? It’s an even stranger story. I recently sat down with Buzz Goss, the Knoxville developer most widely known for his Marble Alley project, and found him more philosophical than I’ve found him before, perhaps even changed. As he spun his story of his recent near-death experience while at […]

A Look at the Plans for Marble Alley, Phase II

Construction is still underway for phase one of Marble Alley and even a casual glance reveals it’s rapidly moving toward being ready to accept residents. The most recent estimate for move-in date is mid-December and 174 of the 248 ┬ánew units should be complete by the end of that month. An on-site leasing office will […]

A Look at Marble Alley: Today and in the Near Future

Marble Alley has been a topic of discussion in concept since I started this website. It was a point of some contention in the design phase and it underwent changes throughout the last five years. The ground-breaking took place over a year ago. For some time after that the efforts on the site seemed to […]

Going Up, Coming Down

It’s no secret that recent years in downtown Knoxville have been exceptional. The explosive growth has sometimes been breath-taking and press around the country continues to take notice in articles like this one just a few days ago. Still, it has been growth of a certain type. While we’ve lost some buildings that should have […]

Where are we? Where are we going?

Those were the basic questions discussed by a group of around 130 people last night at the Standard on Jackson Avenue at the first meeting of the Downtown Urban Design Forum. Buzz Goss, one of the panel members, noted the irony of discussing Knoxville’s future in the (former) shadows of the McClung Warehouses which no […]