Big Ears 2017, Part Two

We wait for this festival for so long, it’s kind of hard to believe when it passes the halfway mark and we know it’s fading. Fatigue assures us that it has, indeed, been a solid two first days. Looking at the artists, taking stock of my deteriorating energy and considering that sitting comfortably would be […]

Welcome Back to an Entirely Different City: Knoxville Hosts Big Ears

Last Sunday I was talking with Ashley Capps about the upcoming Big Ears Festival (podcast here) and he mentioned that friends of his were coming from New York and they said they couldn’t wait to return to a downtown restaurant they enjoyed. Ashley immediately thought of all the great restaurants which have opened in the […]

The Downtown Knoxville 2017 Festival Guide (and more)

When spring starts in January and doesn’t pause much for February, it’s easy for actual spring to sneak up on us. And while spring isn’t quite here, it’s time to talk about Festival Season. I moved it earlier last year and I’m edging a few days earlier, yet, this year. Events are starting earlier and […]

Big Ears Festival Announces Artist Additions (Plus Another Pair of FREE Big Ears Tickets)

  The following press release update to the Big Ears list of artists was provided this morning. Beyond artist additions, clarification is given regarding some of the unique pairings we might expect, many involving members of Wilco. You’ll find the daily lineup at which is where you will be able to purchase tickets starting […]

Big Ears Lineup Revealed – and Ticket Giveaway!

It’s pretty amazing that a festival which will happen over five months (March 23 – 26) from now is greeted with so much excitement. But then, Big Ears is a pretty extraordinary festival presenting music from all over the world and all over the genre map, from the most experimental to the most traditional. The thread […]