Top Posts of 2013, Part Two

So, here we are: the top five posts of the year 2013. The top four are from the last five months of the year. Four are what I would call “serious.” Three could be construed as business-related, though one I would characterize as more investigative. It’s the first time I would have used that word […]

A Shocking Closure on Market Square

I was startled to see the news on Facebook that Bella Luna has closed on Market Square. Often there are signs that a business is struggling, signals that something’s not going well. Noticeable changes in food or staffing. Large swaths of empty tables. Rumors usually filter through downtown. Not so in this situation. On Monday, […]

Late Summer Images of Knoxville, 2012

I’m still working my way through a back log of photographs I like, but for which I never found the right blog. Several of these rank among my recent favorites. Hopefully you’ll like some of them, as well. We have a beautiful and interesting city. Enjoy.