Schulz Brau Brewing Company Coming to Downtown (North Side)

Schulz Brau Brewing Company isĀ another very cool business coming to that section of downtown bounded by Central, Old Gray Cemetery and Broadway. It’s a couple of blocks west of the Art and Salvage Shop and the future home of Maker’s Donuts. It’s a block from Hops and Hollers. It may be the hottest area of […]

Flow: A Brew Parlor Opens in the Medical Arts Building

You’ll hear a vinyl album playing as you enter and smell the aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee. You might smell pastries by Wild Love or soups from Savory and Sweet. Each day will feature two different soups starting with a bacon tomato and another soup which will be vegan. Owner Brad Peer is […]

New Business: Hops and Hollers is Hopping and Hollering

A few weeks ago I got a chance to drop into Hops and Hollers at 937 N. Central Street. The Craft Beer Store and Taproom opened the first weekend in April and really does seem to be off to a great start. Sitting just a block or so off Broadway, it may be more on […]

A Visit to the Downtown Casual Pint

A wise man and beer lover recently remarked, “It’s getting hard to know which place to stop into for a beer in downtown Knoxville.” And so it is. Increasingly we have places that serve a wide range of specialty beers and which have (sometimes quirky) personalities of their own. The Public House on Magnolia, the […]

Craft Beer in Knoxville: Saw Works Brewing Company Charts New Direction

What do you do when you have a successful company with positive name recognition and a growing buzz in the craft beer community? Obviously, you keep doing more of the same, right? Not so much if your business is Marble City Brewing Company. These guys just don’t think that way. They see something that is […]