Have You Seen This?

There’s such an accumulation of little changes around downtown it’s virtually impossible to notice, let alone document, them all. Some are very big and others are more like small details that make the city a bit better. Some change the shape of the city while others simply make it richer while we aren’t watching. Let’s […]

Downtown Art Wraps by the Knoxville History Project Appear Around the City

This past summer as the Urban Clan drove around the wild west, we stopped over in Missoula, Montana. I snapped a photo though the car window as I drove (don’t do this at home, children) of a buffalo “painted” on an electrical box. We’d noticed them in other cities as well across Montana and Wyoming […]

Important Murals Restored, Music History Mural Returns

There’s been a lot of action going on in the Old City recently. The streets – first Central and now Jackson – remain in a state of upheaval that will result in buried and modernized utilities, wider sidewalks and repaved streets. Construction on the Crozier is now progressing rapidly and other plans are being announced. […]

Painting With a Twist: New Business Comes to the Arts District

121 S. Gay Street will soon be the home to Downtown Central Painting with a Twist. A fun painting experience for artists or non-artists, Painting With a Twist classes typically run a couple of hours and participants are encouraged to bring their favorite alcoholic (or non, if you prefer) beverages to make the experience more […]

Brian Jobe and “Right Angle Reply (Tall Grasses)”

I first heard of artist Brian R. Jobe at the most recent Pecha Kucha. I’d like to say that I immediately understood what he was up to and recognized his genius but, honestly, that didn’t come until later. Mostly I scratched my head at why someone would want to build a brick wall in a […]