Knoxville: Five Things You Need to Know This Morning

We will have a very different city council by January. Mayor Rogero gathered the winners for a congratulatory meeting, yesterday.The new council members will be sworn in December 16. They replace five members who were term limited. Mayor Rogero said, … [Continue reading]

Bar Marley Celebrates Two Years, Charts a New Course

It's been two years since the opening of Bar Marley and over three since I first announced Caleb Boyer's plans to open the Island-styled restaurant and bar. After the initial announcement serious obstacles were encountered, including environmental … [Continue reading]

How About a Little Orchestra with that Beer?

We have certain expectations of different kinds of people and groups. Sure, sometimes they are misguided preconceptions, but generally certain groups or tastes don't mix much. Do you think of wine snobs flocking to hockey games? Do you easily imagine … [Continue reading]

Tomorrow Is Election Day. Don’t Feel Ready to Vote? I’ve Got You Covered!

A year has passed since our last national election and that twelve months have been very politically charged. More people seem to be politically engaged across the spectrum via marches, calling senators and representatives and generally making their … [Continue reading]

Downtown Knoxville Ten Day Planner (11/5 – 11/14/2017)

If you want to be certain your event is included on this calendar, I’ll need your event two weeks in advance. The absolute best way to make sure I include your event is to make a FB event and invite me – two weeks in advance. My FB “events” are the … [Continue reading]